baby car seat buying guide

Finding Your First Babies Car Seat

A babies car seat is an essential piece of safety equipment once you have children. It doesn’t matter if you don’t own a car, it is still something you need to consider for when you are in any car with baby.

Apart from the fact that it is illegal for you to allow your little one to travel without a babies car seat, being constrained within a specially designed seat protects the fragility of a young child from serious injury or death. A young child acts like a deadly missile if they are not held securely when there is an accident; they can be thrown from the vehicle or injure themselves or someone else in the vehicle in seconds.

When you do your research you will find a plethora of seats all claiming an array of safety features for you to understand. All such features are worth having, but perhaps some more so than others. You can also look out for good reviews from independent bodies such as the magazine etc.

baby car seat buying guide

A rear-facing babies car seat is important for a new born, and this should be used for as long as you can. It is also important that you get the right size seat for your child’s age and/or weight to protect the child properly. For example, Group One will take you from 9 months to 4 years old, or 9-18 kg in weight.

A badly fitted seat is another big cause of injury to children involved in car accidents. A 5-point harness with adjustable straps for the growing infant will securely hold the child in the seat and well padded sides will protect from the side and make the child more comfortable.

You must make sure you do your research properly when choosing your babies car seat. Try and buy new if at all possible, but if buying second-hand, be extra careful. Look for signs of wear on the straps, check the fixings and find out whether the seat has ever been in an accident, if it has, don’t use it as the structure may be compromised.

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