Search Engine Rankings Checker

Search engine optimization is like a process of cooking delicious soup. You got to stir and taste it every five minutes, add the right ingredients at the right time, flavor it to your taste, etc. No matter how great the recipe may be and what products you use, unless you keep a close eye on the process of making this soup your attempt in the art of cookery will end up as an epic fail.

It also concerns doing SEO: whatever you may do, when optimizing your site, if you don’t keep your fingers on the pulse of optimization process you are playing a blind game of chance.

Basically, keeping track of your website’s positions in search engines results for the targeted keywords lets you see your SEO ups and downs, analyze that and find the best way for further optimization.

There are two ways of rankings check:

-manually: you just enter a keyword in a search box and then try to find your website in search results.

-automatically: with the help of on-line services and some SEO tools, aka rank checkers.

It goes without saying that you got to sweat a lot and waste hours of your precious time checking your website’s positions manually, which is very time-consuming. Besides this method of rankings check has one more drawback: unless you write down all the results you obtain each time you won’t be able to track the progress of your website’s optimization.

That’s the reason why more and more individual SEOs and SEO companies tend to automate the process of tracing their websites positions using rank checkers. A search engine ranking checker will let you find out where your site is in search results at the particular time, help to monitor your SEO progress, track the trends and show how your main on-line competitors are ranking for the same keywords in your market niche.

Rank checkers are a dime a dozen, but not all of them showed themselves to good advantage though. All of the rank checking software is parsing SE results pages automatically but some is not smart enough to interpret different kinds of results included into the standard results page, like video, images, news and more. Moreover some of ranks checking tools have set limits concerning the number of keywords, sites, and supported search engines that you can track.

There are some rankings checkers, however, that have been fine-tuned to process all kinds of results properly. One of them is is cutting edge SEO software that guarantees lightning-speed and accurate monitoring of a website’s rankings over time. The current version of’s api serp analysis supports international and local search engines, so you can check your rankings in a search engine that’s really of great importance to you. With this savvy SEO software one can monitor an unlimited number of websites for an unlimited number of keywords and phrases. You can set up a Scheduler and enjoy your morning coffee while this smart SEO tool is buzzing collecting the data on your SEO progress automatically. Moreover is a great keyword generating tool that helps you harvest the most traffic-productive keywords with the help of 16 keyword search methods. Easy-in-use search friendly SEO software paves you the way to on-line ranking domination.

So, as you can see running a successful SEO campaign is impossible without regular ranking checks. That’s why it is crucially important to choose a rank checker that really works.

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