The Khadi Sarees Represent a Legacy of National Texture

Being introduced by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920 as an integral part of the Swadeshi movement, khadi has various qualities worthy of a good texture.

Khadi cotton Bengal sarees provide resistance to shrinking, gets color easily, and combines with other texture kinds like cotton and silk to make fine blends. A unique quality it has is that it keeps the body warm in winter and cool in summer. Khadi also has a special attribute of getting shine after every wash.

The fashion designers of India have exalted the excellence of khadi. They like to collate it with the qualities of Egyptian cotton and linen.

Khadi clothes streamline the body. After some washes the texture assumes a right fitting. It also has breathing quality. It is a self-texture, and blended with denim, polyester, wool and silk has produced remarkable results. The appeal and charm of the khadi sarees lies in its wavy and ruffled look. Unlike cotton, the material is generally starched and therefore, doesn’t crumple that easily.

Khadi is available in different parts of the country. The silk type is available from the eastern and the north eastern states. The cotton Khadi is equally popular in Bengal just like the Bengali sarees. You will also find these sarees in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Poly Khadi is from Rajasthan and Gujarat. Woolen khadi is from the northern states of Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh.

Being established in 1956, the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), controls the marketing and production of khadi all over the country. Today it has an estimated working strength of 75 lakh people all over the country that are associated with it in different ways.

Khadi cottons in their contemporary format are stupendous marvels. Ghitcha or gicha is a variant of Gicha cotton and Khadi cotton sarees embellished with zari border and zari patch work, are trendy offerings and very suitable to wear for parties and special invitees. New Gicha Matka cotton saree of gold printed mango booties and double printed border with a graceful pallu is a favored wear for college and office. The designer of these sarees have patola border which looks awesome. It may be worn during festivals, family get-togethers and special events.

The most recognized festival of people of Eastern India, specifically West Bengal, Durga puja is popular for its grandeur. Durga puja extends for 3-4 days and calls for much revelry and merriment. Although during the morning, men and women get dressed in ethnic clothing like sarees and kurta Pyjamas, the evenings are time for everybody to have fun and entertainment with family and friends.

As a conventional festival, sarees are most favored by Indian women for Durga puja. Whether it is a teenage girl or an older woman, in Durga puja, everybody is spotted in lovely Indian cotton sarees or silk that are draped elegantly. Most of the Bengali sarees are highly gorgeous that Bengali women just love to flaunt in this occasion. They specifically favor sarees with red border for the morning rituals.

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