What is Kodi? What Are The Best Kodi TV Add-ons?

Kodi is both an open-source and lightweight application. You can run it on an android TV box, and tweak it until it fits your needs. You can customize Kodi on your own, but, one of the easiest ways is to get Kodi TV add-ons or extension. The best part, there are loads of them from where you can choose.

Addons are bits of code that modifies Kodi. But in recent times, only some of them are continuing. Here is the list of add-ons that you can download, but first let’s know more about Kodi.

Kodi – What is it?

Kodi is open-source software designed with home entertainment in mind. It is FREE. Its original name was XMBC (Xbox Media Center) and made for Microsoft Xbox. Now, the software evolved, and it has a community of its own. Unlike the Chromecast, Kodi is maintained by a non-profit XBMC Foundation. Moreover, it’s being modified and improved by hundreds of coders worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, more than 500 software developers and 200+ translators tried their hands in developing it.

Best Kodi TV add-ons


It needs no introduction. YouTube is the largest video service in the world. It also has an add-on for Kodi. With more than a billion users, almost one-third of the people on the internet are regular users. Till date, YouTube is the preferred destination for videos, documentaries, music videos, movies and more. Thus, it is a must-have add-on.


It is one of the most current video-streaming sites on the internet. Netflix secured its place as a game changer. Viewers can watch their favorite shows episode by episode, and even enjoy videos in stunning 4K. Netflix takes Kodi to the next level for experiencing entertainment. That is what makes it one of the best add-ons you can have for your Android TV box.

iTunes Podcasts

If you are looking to enjoy music right on your TV, it is a must have addon. Use your system only to listen to audios. Although it’s unofficial, podcasts are free-to-air, and it’s all genuine.

The Earth Cam

You might not love it if you don’t want to see what is happening on the roads. I am a lover of it and often spend my time watching the streets. EarthCam is a set of free webcams, streaming from around the globe right to your TV! What can be nerdier than this? There are three categories you will find in this addon.

Featured Cams

USA and Worldwide – Pick your location and take a look at what’s going on the streets.


Spotify allows you to enjoy a vast library of tracks. It even allows you to download content for listening offline. Its various playlists help you discover music and other features as well. It is one of the best audio streaming services you can get. Spotify brings all the benefits of live streaming that you will want to your TV. With an easy-to-understand user interface, it’s a must-have app.

So these are the best Kodi addons, and if you are looking to know more about best Kodi build, visit us at BestAndroidTvBox.com today. We have Android TV boxes along with features that you will want. What more? Connect with us or drop us a comment below. We will be glad to guide you.

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